Landlord Services from Inventory Essentials

Check Ins

The "Check-in" is there to provide both landlord and tenant with an up to date indication of the condition & contents of the property.

Normally we will combine the Inventory report with the check-in. This will save you time and money.

The check-in report will normally include:

  • The condition of the property at the time of check-in.
  • A schedule of the contents.
  • List of keys handed over.
  • Meter Readings ( where accessible).
  • The clerk will also at this stage advise the tenant(s) of their obligations as well as information regarding what will happen at the end of the tenancy period.
  • Copies of the report will then be sent to the agent and the tenant.


The check out will be carried out on the day the tenant is to hand back the keys. We will compare the condition & contents of the property on the day to the Check-in inventory and any changes or alterations noted on the report.

We will also note wear & tear issues and make recommendations where necessary. This will enable the landlord and or agency to make decisions concerning any charges for damages or missing items.

Mid term property inspections

During any tenancy it is advisable to stay on top of any work that needs doing round the property, therefore avoiding work building up that's costly and time consuming.

Also, staying in touch with the tenant will remind them of their responsibilities and point out any work that will need doing before they come to leave. This is particularly important the longer the tenancy, as jobs that get left to the end, usually adds to any discrepancy between landlord and tenant, increasing the likelihood of conflict and possible court action which is in no-ones benefit except the lawyers.

The condition of the property will be compared to the check-in and any changes or alterations noted. At this stage we would recommend that the landlord uses this report to hold a review with their tenant and agree any work that needs to be carried out.

We normally recommend that this is carried out every six months, if nothing else but to ensure peace of mind that their property is being well looked after.